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Our team promotes the growth and individuality of every person we serve in the community

About New Leaf Residential Services

New Leaf was founded in Youngstown, Ohio in 2004 by Michael Mathews and Abbey Summers. From its inception, New Leaf has maintained that the best life is one that allows for community inclusion and self-determination no matter the obstacles to get there. These guiding principles have allowed a once small company to grow and expand throughout North East Ohio, while keeping our core values and commitment to quality. Contact us today to discuss what our team can provide in your area.

New Leaf offers a variety of services to assist individuals in receiving the help they need.

Services Include:

  • Individual Option Waiver HPC services
  • State Plan Services
  • Supported Living
  • Adaptive and Assistive Equipment
  • Nutritional Services
  • DD Waiver Nursing
  • Waiver Nursing Delegation (WND)
  • Shared Living
  • Participant Directed HPC
  • Remote Supports